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samantha ruiz 2 years ago • updated by Jonathon Ende 2 years ago 5

We would like to be able to do an etiher/or with two signature boxes. One to accept something and the other to decline something where the signer was only required to sign one.

Under review

We do have the decline button that allows the user to decline signing and input a reason why. Is that what you are looking for?

Could you decline one signature and sign another?

Is this all on the same document? You cannot decline individual signatures. I would recommend setting up multiple docs and then linking them together using the thank you redirect page. Might be helpful to ping our chat support to walk you through it. Or email the doc with a description of what you are trying to achieve to support@seamlessdocs.com or post to this forum and we can take a look!


There is an option at the bottom to decline dental. They are not supposed to sign both.


The easiest solution would be to add an option to the form that says they would NOT like to waive any of the coverage. This way they would still be signing it saying they don't want to waive anything or if they do then it will require them to check one and sign. You can use the Add Text element in the form builder to add that option and then add another check box to the group. Hopefully that works!